Our team includes experienced and trial-tested communications specialists, computer artists and designers, animators, video producers, jury consultants, editors and art directors, educators, journalists, television news producers and directors.

Steve Hess
Managing Partner

LegalImages' co-founder and managing partner Steve Hess has worked with attorneys on dozens of legal projects in the U.S. and overseas. Cases range from simple contract disputes to extremely complicated intellectual property litigation. He consults on trial strategy, presentation tactics and design of exhibits as well as courtroom and war room setup and organization.

Whether it is a computer patent case, an insurance dispute or a high-visibility class action, Hess uses his experience as TV producer and corporate communications consultant to help attorneys conceptualize jury-friendly presentations and demonstrative exhibits. He brings to the field of trial and law firm communications more than two decades of widely varied communication experience – consultant to numerous corporations, writer, news director, and producer of the CBS Evening News.

Neal Rosenau
Managing Partner

In over 15 years since co-founding LegalImages, managing partner Neal Rosenau has worked on a cases ranging in subject matter from complex biotechnology patents to high-income divorces and from multi-million-dollar contract disputes to newsworthy criminal defense, He has a rare ability to help conceptualize case information into visually-compelling graphic stories. His work focuses on finding the key messages an attorney and experts hope to deliver on behalf of a client, then translating the messages into pictures and images even a fifth grader can understand and appreciate.

Rosenau brings to litigation support work over 30 years experience as a newspaper and TV reporter, magazine editor, college educator, and television news writer-producer. He has also served as communications and media consultant to corporations, government officials, scientific researchers and entertainers.

Matt Loozis
Director of Sales and Marketing

Matt has worked with attorneys preparing for trial for more than 15 years. His approach focuses on three themes: strategic graphic design to build your case; execution to make your themes persuasive and memorable; and appropriate technology to control the complete presentation. He joined the LegalImages team in 2010 and is skilled at marshaling resources and anticipating and solving issues before they become problems. Through his assistance with the development of graphics in almost all areas of law, Matt has become adept at knowing when simplicity is called for and when creativity is needed. After law school at Western New England, he worked as a trainer, salesperson and then manager for Lexis/Nexis, the online legal database Company. Starting in 1995 Matt served as a Trial Presentation Consultant for EAI and Z-Axis. There he worked on many precedent setting cases, including the multi billion dollar World Trade Center insurance litigation.

Joan Caropreso
Graphic Designer

For over 25 years, Joan Caropreso has specialized in visual communications and design for the legal community. At LegalImages, she and her graphics team create story-telling demonstrative exhibits including courtroom boards, PowerPoint and other electronic displays. She has a special facility for making complex subject matter appear simple and clear. Her attention to quality control is top-notch. She works on projects for litigation, arbitration and trial simulations and on all manner of litigation subject matter. Working closely with attorneys, experts and members of the LegalImages trial team, she develops case presentations that are coherent, comprehensible and accurate

David Gregg
Computer Animator

David Gregg has been creating computer animation since the early days of the industry, and his work has been seen in television and movies as well as corporate training videos, advertising and computer games. His work at LegalImages combines rich technical expertise with an ability to clearly illustrate complex information on screen.

Gregg's LegalImages animations include simulations, reconstructions and presentation graphics for trial and arbitration. His work has included animation that brings to life medical, biotech and pharmaceutical images; scientific and technical concepts; and marine and automobile accidents.  He has special facility for giving form and volume to patent drawings.

Nicole Kang
Computer Animator

Nicole Kang has a master’s degree in computer animation from New York Institute of Technology in 1997 and completed a year of postgraduate work at Pratt Institute in New York. She is a specialist in Maya 3D animation, simulations and effects and has done a wide range of legal, medical, scientific, broadcast and commercial production and design.

Park Borchert, MFA, PhD
Multimedia Specialist

Park Borchert is multi-talented in a variety of media useful for courtroom presentations.  He does free-hand illustrations and adroit modifications of graphics to meet legal requirements. He is adept at Flash animation, Keynote, PowerPoint and other graphic programs.  As a videographer and editor, he creates educational demonstrations for lawyers as well as videos for court.  His background as an actor can assist attorneys preparing for the theatre of the courtroom, his doctoral studies in education help experts to clarify concepts to judges and juries, and his ready wit and experience as a stand-up comedian often help lighten up the tension of a trial war room.

Barbara Morrissey
Computer Graphic Artist

Barbara Morrissey has worked on dozens of trials with LegalImages, including patents, contracts, criminal defense, insurance matters, divorces and international trade disputes. She knows Quark, Microsoft’s PowerPoint, Apple’s Keynote and a variety of Adobe programs including Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat. From her studio or the client’s war room, her computer has output courtroom boards, PowerPoint and Keynote displays, multi-page handouts and graphic files for display on screens in court. Her meticulous attention to detail , her fine eye for “what makes sense” and her insistence on strict “version control” frequently helps trial teams avoid errors and misunderstandings in their demonstrative exhibits.

Darlene Gist
Computer Graphic Artist

Darlene Gist has worked as a graphic artist in advertising, marketing and public relations and design studios as well as investment banking and accounting firms. She has also worked in the legal field in the past, All of this helped prepare her for the work she does now creating trial graphics for LegalImages. Under deadlines in war rooms in New York, Trenton, Phoenix and other trial locations, she has turned out PowerPoint and Keynote displays, graphics for our Trial Director operators to project on courtroom screens as well as illustrations and Flash animation for expert testimony.

Savannah Gregory
Computer Graphic Artist

Savannah Gregory brings experience in marketing, public relations and advertising to her work in preparing trial graphics for LegalImages. She is a web designer.  She is also thoroughly versed in PowerPoint, Keynote, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Quark, Flash and other design programs – all available as needed to create boards, electronic courtroom presentations, and illustrations for expert testimony

Elaine Lewis
Witness Consultant

Elaine Lewis brings to her work with LegalImages over 20 years experience teaching people to communicate more effectively. She specializes in helping lawyers prepare expert and fact witnesses for trials and depositions. She has consulted on numerous matters including product liability, business disputes and patent litigation.
Over the years she has coached individuals for every type of situation where speaking in public was required.

Hedda Ribolow, Ph.D.
Science Consultant

Dr. Hedda Ribolow uses her extensive training and experience to help LegalImages' clients present scientific and medical information in a way that is both accurate and clear. In addition to her academic work, post-doctoral research and teaching, she has advised in the production of video tapes and written materials related to science and medicine.
With a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of Chicago and a BS in chemistry, she has theoretical and experimental knowledge of both the biological and physical sciences.

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