Litigation Support from Filing to Decision

From e-Discovery to e-Briefs, LegalImages will support your litigation team with whatever you need, wherever or whenever you need it.

As this website demonstrates, our core strength is graphics and animation – and consulting and advice based on our unique journalistic skills in story-telling.

In years of experience going to trial, we not only honed our knowledge of how to communicate with juries, judges and arbitrators, we also learned how to help you do all the thousand-and-one tasks necessary to preparing a case.

Our network of strategic partners – we call ourselves The Litigation Team – covers all aspects of litigation support:

  • Discovery
  • Staffing
  • Document scanning and coding
  • Case management
  • Court reporting and video depositions
  • Jury research and focus groups
  • Live video feeds from depositions, hearings and trials
  • War room and courtroom setup and technical support
  • Document load-in to Trial Director or Sanction
  • Witness preparation
  • Full presentation support at court with “hot-seat” operators
       and equipment and software
  • Graphics and animation
  • Graphics support in your office and war room

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