3-D Animation
Eyeball 3D Animation
Sony TV Pitcher Vein World Trade Center
TV Scan Lines Pitcher Vein Sealing Device World Trade Center
 2-D Flash Animation
Pyramid Beaker Folders Map
Pyramid of Complicity Resolving
What They
Sales Call Map
Open Book Beaker2 Damages Patent Law
Chart Pop-up cooling liquid Damages Patent Law
New, Less Expensive 3D Animation
Full-motion 3D animation has the exciting ability to show an object - such as a patented invention - in full color and motion and to view it from varied angles.

Now LegalImages can deliver this powerful tool much more quickly and at lower cost than ever before. Using proprietary software, we can deliver full-motion animation to the price range of cases never considered feasible before.

Here are some samples. Call for details.

System Medical Procedure Toxic
Computer Chip Patent Medical Procedure Toxic Water
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